Sara Bdeir


Duma is a world where everything you can imagine is real. The dumas are imaginary characters that represent the world citizen. As a result of globalization, people all around the world have become one citizen of the world, we all watch the same movies, listen to the same music, study the same subjects, go to the same schools and universities and end up working at the same companies. We can all relate to those Hannah Montana shows we used to watch everyday after school, or the colorful Trix cereals we used to eat before going to school. We all follow up on the same current tv shows and rave at the same concerts. Dumas enable people to really see how similar we all are by creating a world with characters that have no gender, ethnicity, culture, religion or country. They are all one, just like we are but cannot yet see.

 Participant of  CGTrader  Digital Art Competition

Participant of CGTrader Digital Art Competition